woensdag 24 december 2008


Yeah, christmas-vacation... which actually means no 25-man raids../sigh.

So what did I do the last weeks. Not much, did some raids, levelled my hunter to 73, and she is now a 400+ Jewelcrafter. Actually, I find Naxx a little boring, I know it is supposed to be an entry-level raid, but I think any PuG-group can do 2 a lot of bosses easily in there, Heroics are easy most of the time, although trees are hard to kill in Old Kingdom :p.

Well, at least we did some tries on Malygos, 10 man, but it gave me an oppurtunity to learn the first 2 phases. I think I got the kiting under control, and ardent defender is golden in that fight :p, now we only need some more dps, methinks 2000 dps per member should be enough.

I think Blizzard put to few dungeons in the game, In TBC you had Kara/Gruul/Maggy/SSC/TK at the start, now we have Naxx/Sanctum/Malygos (and a PvP-boss which is just to easy), only one being a multi-boss dungeon. I am also not happy with 10 and 25 man versions of long dungeons like naxx, Killing the same boss twice a day, first with 25, and later with 10, gives me a deja-vu which I really dont like, well that is what I feel, to few different stuff. Gief patch/ulduar :p

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