donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Two servers become one?

So, it is already happening for a time, but I didn't really had any thoughts about it, and when I though about writing something about it, with intend to gather more alts, I wrote down the title, and suddenly the post I wanted to write changed.

It would have been about the fact that a merged server actually means more place for alts, but that bigger servers probably wouldn't be merged, so people on a larger server will have less alts.

But then I wrote down the title, and now I am questioning myself if some servers actually can be merged, and I am not talking technical, more psychological.

Mardah and her army of alts lives on Argent Dawn. AD is a Role Playing Server. Now that doesn't mean everyone does role play. There are enough pure-PVE and pure-PvP players on the server, but there's also a lot of roleplaying going least I think there is.

Fact is, I am not that a big role-player. I did participate in some random roleplaying, mostly by being a random bystander. But in those cases, I was remembered that I was on a RP-server, some random stuff can happen suddenly, enjoy it I would say...well..unless you go to Goldshire.

Now I don't really know if merging another server with AD would work. Blizzard already stated that RP-servers wouldn't be mixed with non-RP-servers, but still, merging two different societies can have some problems.

Players will have different opinions, and instead of 3 blood-elf guilds trying to run Silvermoon, you will 6 I guess (Side-note: why are there still Kael-Thas statues there).

Oh wait, reads before the side-note, It may actually be more interesting I guess, a larger influx of role-plays with slightly different ideas may actually spice things up  :0

But back to my original idea for this blog now, Argent Dawn is a pretty huge server, so I actually have no idea if it will be merged, and at the moment my gold would go to 'No'. Which means I will not have access to more alt-spots.

Lorinthe trying to breach the dimensions between worlds.

Remember they said the two servers would works as one. So basically, if you live on one of those servers, you suddenly would get access too 22 character-slots (or 33, if it's tri-joined).

Now, to be honest, I haven't...and actually can't test if you can actually make 22 characters on two merged servers, but as far as I know, they didn't said it wouldn't be possible.

So, now I am going to throw a card, I hardly play...the 'I pay the same as everyone else, so I should be able to do the same' .  Do min, I did use 'able', and at this moment I think everyone is able to do everything gamewise, although for some it may take a little longer, the option is there.

Now if AD wouldn't be merged, I actually will have 11 character-slots less then someone on a merged server, and for me, with only 17 levels to go for 11 level 90's on Argent Dawn, that is a big deal...

I actually like playing lower levels, but I also like them to be in Innovation (or their channel). In the past I did actually transferred high level characters of to other servers, to play lower level again. But that has just become to expensive.

So, yeah, one solution is, something that Blizzard has mentioned before, just scrapping the limit on characters on servers (although the total-limit would remain 50). But I would love to actually increase the size of my army of alts...and maybe start a lower level Horde again with Single Abstract Noun.

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