zondag 6 oktober 2013

Alt Appreciation : Priests

Continuing the Alt Appreciation started by World of Lae.  This week:  Priests

..and back on track..barely... today we take a look at Ezrila, the only priest I ever levelled high enough to even mention, and actually (together with warriors) the class I had the most difficulty with getting to level 80 back in Wrath. This probably was due to the low-survavibility, priest do have healing spells, but at low level, their spells used to be 'lacking'...

Now where did the name Ezrila came from. It is a name I used before. The female Bloodelf paladin at level 70 from last post was the first I called that. I am pretty sure some other paladins from me are also called that, although these days I tend to find new names, rather then re-uisng existing alt-names. But Ezrila, named after Ezri Dax... I did tell I was a Star Trek Fan?  Ezri was taken, so I added La...and apparently not many use that name.

I don't know for sure, but I think Ezrila was one of my 'ICC-Summer'-alts in Single Abstract Noun. As far as I remember I levelled her as a Disco-priest. I do know that before the 4th of november 2010 she reached level 80, and was trying to make a ROFL-copter, she is an engineer, so she needs one.

How do I know that specific date, well..  I am (still) playing with a MacBook Pro, and World of Warcraft has a build-in movie-maker in the Mac-version, so I was experimenting with that, and behold:

But this was the end of ICC-summer, and within 2 months after this video, Single Abstract Noun emptied..  and my Alliance-days started in Innovation. Somehwere during Cataclysm, I transferred her over to the Alliance-side, did some DS-LFR with her. And with a twitch, after having so much trouble actually levelling her, she was my third or fourth to reach 90. She now spends most of her days farming ore, although I sometimes take her shadow-ing in an LFR or dungeon....

Next week, it is time for Tiramuria and Lamars, my rouges...rrr...rogues.

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