zondag 27 oktober 2013

Alt Appreciation : Warlocks

Continuing the Alt Appreciation started by World of Lae.  This week:  Warlocks

So, yeah, warlocks. I played one during the ICC-summer. An Orc Affliction Warlock named Cymar. No idea how I came by with that name. But, being three years ago, I have no memory of playing him. But I did reach levelcap back then, so here he is..  (for own reference, maybe it is time I actually started tagging posts so I can find stuff)
Cymar looking gloomy in Thunderbluff 

Somewhere the last 3 years, I also made another Warlock on Argent Dawn. If this happened before Cymar was send of, or after, no idea. But this one became a human female. She was put into the guild 'When Elekks Fly'. This guild is used by me and a friend of mine to store various materials sometimes needed to level up professions.

So I played her a little bit, especially to look at some of the new zones during cataclysm. She was never heirloomed out, although I had access to those, and very slowly she levelled up. Being played sometimes when I felt to it, but mostly as Bank/AH-alt.

About a month or two ago she reached Outlands. Now because I know those zones very, very well, I went dungeoning with her, but that totally blew me off, so I finally heirloomed her out, so she...ell not sure actually..  no professions, no goal.. until I figured out I could use a third Alchemist in my Alt-army for making flasks (already having a transmute and a pot-master)

Lorinthe sans Heirlooms

Last wednesday I wrote about her being 69, so that is probably her level in the picture above, and then I started doing the halloween stuff. Travelling with her all over Azeroth. And after a lot of travelling...and gaining a level through exploring/opening pumpkins, I got myself a title wordy of a Warlock.

After that, I just went on, I levelled her up, found some masks, and levelled her to 83 to get the deepholm and vashjir pumpkins. But 83 to 85 doesn't seem that much... actually, the levels between 70 and 85 costed me about 1 hour to 90 minutes. So 4 hours later, Lorinthe was on her way to Pandaria, for the last Pumpkins

I was worried that I could not get into all areas, but that was actually not the problem. There is a wall-acces in Kun-Lai, the Shado-Pan Fallback, where you can get up the wall, and then jump into Valley of the four Winds. So, I was going to get all the achievements for this Halloween...  I got to the Klaxxi, the temple of the Ox, the invasion of Trolls, all pumpkins where mine...except for Westwind Rest...

Westwind Rest is the little town you unlock after several quests in Kun-Lai, before that it is a burning hell hole...  without pumpkin. So now I had to reach level 87 to actually get those quest. So I set off, and surely enough within two hours I reached 86, hurray, 2 more and I can get that last pumpkin....well..no.. that took about 5 hours... oh well.

Lorinthes bank after Halloween

It will probably take me a few more weekends to reach level 90 with her, but then she will be my eight level 90 character, and happily joining my army of manufacturing alts.

(oh, btw, I had a vacation last week, that's why I could level her that fast)

Next week, the masters of Rage, the Warriors....

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