zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

No more LFR

Sometimes, someone remembers something you said. My Guildleader reminded me last week of something I said before Dragon Soul came out. It was something like: "The moment the raiders stop using LFR, LFR will be horrible"...  and behold...

Now I don't have much experience with LFR in 5.4...  I lasted 10 minutes last night on my shaman (including one wipe) before I left in disgust. I play this game for fun, not to see a lot of cursing and flaming being tossed around. And may Mardah didn't even do ONE LFR since SoO came out...which maybe says it all.

Now the last three tiers, I went LFR-ing with Mardah, it was a decent source for the oh-so handy valour points, and you could get tier-gear to complement your set, or get gear for your offset (which I don't really have). But 5.4 brought us something new, called Flex.

Also the last three tiers, Innovation had a LFR-run on Wednesday, which means a group of around 15 would go together into LFR, making it very do-able, now the wednesday-run is for Flex. And I have no idea how many of my guildmates do LFR on their mains, although I suspect not that many.

Now if what happens with me, also happens with other people, you can see that the amount of people running LFR, will become less. Even worse, the people no longer doing LFR now are the people who are normal raiders. Now I suspect Heroic toons didn't do much LFR after the first week, but the normal raiders still did, but now...

The gear is not the incentive for normal raiders, it is only a low Ilvl-increase, and also, would you really want to see the same bosses a third time this week? So, I, as a normal raider, do not want to to LFR on my main, so I bring my alts, which do less damage...  but at least I go LFR...  maybe.

In normal weeks, I never did that many LFR's, time is limited, and as mentioned before, seeing the same bosses to often is not that fun. So I am not running LFR's every week, and if I do, it is alone, not with a group of 15 guildies. And it seems that is happening more..

The more experienced players do not take their geared mains into LFR anymore using guild groups.

That sentence just said it all.. LFR is becoming less and less appealing for normal raiders due to that fact.

But how to fix that? Well, it seems the direct reason is Flex it seems, but is it?  I think the problem does not lie with flex itself, but with the fact that there are now 3 different raid-lockouts  (Normal and Heroic use the same), and that added with the gear difference is getting to high. Is completing your tier-set with a LFR-item really better, then keeping your normal WF-helm?

I don't really have a solution and luckily I do not have to make those  :), and there seems to be only two options, either remove LFR...or remove Heroic Raids.....wait...what did I just typed???

Actually, why do we have Heroic Raids again?

What I remember from Innovation's Dragon Soul, Heroic was mostly just more damage dealt, added with a few new mechanics. There is a part of me that just thinks, why?  Why not just scrap Heroics, make the normals a little harder, and just have LFR,Flex and Normal.....  and sometimes and activated ability to make the fight harder and get some better loot, don't hit the big red button please....

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Laeleiweyn zei

LFR really seems to be worse this time around, and I agree with you about the reason. My guild also used to do guildruns of LFR, now we do flex on those nights. Good for us, but LFR may need to be tuned down because of it.