dinsdag 15 oktober 2013


So, yes, after 6 years orso, I finally played Star Trek Online...

I find it amusing, and there seems to be a lot under the surface to handle,

but one thing...

The Romulans are the ST:O panda's?

When you reach (cough) level 10, you need to make a choice to either join the Federation (Blue, read Alliance) or the Klingon (Red, read Horde).

Now I know this takes place after the destruction of Romulus, but still.. Romulans in the Federation or the Klingo Empirem, pfff

And there where some nice characters I encountered, Miral Paris, Naomi De Wilde and D'Tan as head of the romulan resistance or Non Tal Shiar-romulans.  D'Tan is one of Spocks disciples back in the TNG-episodes Reunification..

It does take a lot of time, but I did get the one-more-misson-syndrome...

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