woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Is levelling still 'fun'

So, in my trek around the web, I read this post old-time-raiding from Dacheng. In it he talks about his experiences in a lvl70-group going for Outland-raids. He tells about an easy Karazhan, and actually taking out Maghteridon...with 7/8 people...at level 70.

I recently levelled a warlock through Outlands, and as always I went for the dungeons.  But before I logged in, the tank already pulled boss two, with all the adds...or something like that, I may be over exaggerating, but that is how it felt like.

Also, the recent resurge of Innovations Class-act, also shows that lower level dungeons, are a pushover. You can easily brute-force them, and they don't take that long.

For myself, there is also another factor, especially pre-Cata dungeons, I tanked all of those, and I remember them that way. Which means I actually expect dungeons to go a certain way, but they don't anymore...just pull everything and AoE them down...

After the first try on a dungeon with Lorinthe, I just left them, and actually levelled through quests through Outlands... and although I opted to not take heirlooms on her journey, I grew tired, and heirloomed her out.

She is now 69...and I am actually not looking forward to another 20 levels....

The problem is, which Dacheng also points to, is the amount of differences between back then and now, considering talents, dps and what more. And for me personal, it just seems all very..well..like a choir (is that a correct english expression?).

There is hardly any danger levelling up, so why actually level up I say, it's mostly turning in 20 quests per zone, before outlevelling it.

I actually cannot think about a solution, a possible solution would be to toughen up the mobs, make them all harder to kill (do keep in mind that I levelled Lorinthe w/o heirlooms till 61, so heirlooms are not the sole problem) or maybe give the option for for free levels if you have maxed out alts already.

Fact is, at this moment, I do not like levelling as I used to. There are multiple reasons for that, but the most important for me is the lack of danger, the most dangerous mob while levelling is yourself, do not run of Aldor's Tier.....

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