dinsdag 30 maart 2010

Blackrock Depths/Temple of Atal'Hakkar

BRD and ST... Cloud has been running those a lot last week. With different succes. There's a real problem with those two... the place of the entrance, the way daily-random-bosses are placed, and ofcoure, their inner layout.


Both dungeons have a maze before their actual entrance, most of the people these days don't know the way back, which ofcourse means that almost every wipe is end of party.

Daily Random-bosses.

In ST you need to kill Eranikus, which is the upper part. In all the runs I have only seen the lower part once. People just skip that part, which is not strange, considering the faxt that you have to click statues in a different order.

BRD actually has two levels. BRD-prison and BRD-upper. Both start at the beginning, so you have no way to know which you are doing. Luckily, prison only needs one boss-kill (2nd hall to the right). So you figure it out fast enough. But now you are in upper... and no one has the key. Not that it has happened to me yet.. Fun part is of cousre you have to die to get the quest. So you have to know how to get to BRD... see the problem arising here.

Inner Layout.

Well, if you only do upper-ST, it is fairly simple, just stay close to each other, else you will loose people.

BRD is something different, let's see from memory.

Kill 2 mobs.
Enter a big room with lots of hallways.
Take the second on the right, kill all untill boss (Head boss for Prison)
Go back. (1st and 3rd on left just are alternative paths, or for a quest)
Take second hallway on the left (from entering big room).
Clear all, until you find Roccor, or he finds you.
Boss Houndmaster is in the first room on the right side.
Second room on right is the Arena, all enter together, and you'd better not stand behind gates.
(If you took third from the right, the first room on the left is arena...)
After completing Arena, exit the other way.
>>>hold, what about the first hallway to the right? Well it goes to a door, which you can open with the key to enter the same place you are now, see, a little shortcut.

Now this room which you are in, is not big, has 2 levels, is packed with mobs, has 2 entrances (one with key) and two exits. One exit goes even further up, the other one goes around a corner to a half-opened door, which you can open with the key on the lower-part of the room...

Oh at the entrance btw, you can also directly use the key to ge left, to the last boss of lower-city, and then you can go the other way around, back . And in that room just mentioned, just before the half-opened door, you can actually jump down to achieve the same, and then go back... and..

And that's just the start. Very Confusing for people. Hope you have some one who knows the way. After this, it becomes a little bit more linear. But there are a lot of things to watch out for. Especially in the bar...

But, I do like it. Lots of work to do, lots of bosses, lot of things to look at. Just be ready for a good 2 hours of this. I really smile evrytime I see someone asking 'How Long till end?'. And I laugh at the 'Gogogo' and 'Plz Fast'-comments.

Really, never rush yourself in BRD. Almost every dwarf runs away when almost beaten to death. And will pull additional mobs.... and it is really crowdy, before you know it, you have 15 dwarves, 2 fire elementals and several hounds beating on your party...

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