dinsdag 2 maart 2010


Cataclysm-changes, I think 75% of the blogs write about it, I don't feel like writing about it now, to much will change.

The guildleader of my new guild, left the server this weekend, leaving Gunho, me and Tjaoten in charge, We changed some of the goals, and we will probably be doing ICC10 two days/week.

That does mean, I will probably change my main-raiding-char Gowron, to my tree/lazerchicken Mardah. We have the tanks/DPS, but no healers.

So, a lot of changes, time to rant.

I did a LFD-Oculus yesterday. Really, I can not heal you, if you fly through the orbs, get pounded by 15 drakes, and taking damage from that dragon... and then accusing me of not to play well.

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