dinsdag 16 maart 2010

The birth of Cloudchaser

Well, at least I hope that name is available, but I have to wait till one of my current characters has been moved to Sha'tar to create a new one on AD.

The idea of course is to make a genuine RP-character. That is what SAN is about I think, doing something new. At least the faction is set then, Horde.

Now the race, well, that would be tauren (the wise) or troll (the crazy). I will go for tauren, and play the wise one.

And then the class. Well, I would like paldin, but cata is not here yet, and that means priests are also not an option (why is there not a pally-trainer in TB yet?). So left are warrior, druid and shaman. Well, warrior not really, I already said I would play the wise one... charging in on mobs hardly seems wise. And my main-raiding character at the moment is a tree, so I don't feel like druiding. Leaves the Shaman. (re: and hunter, but I choose shaman)

Spec... again, running close to a mob doesn't seem wise, so no enhancement, leaves elemental and restoration. Both fit the idea of a wise man. Think I go for resto, mainly because I can do some dungeons then without long waiting.

Professions... now we have a catch. I did some reading about shamans, and they are 'in touch' with the world. They hold high regards to the eartmother (no worshipping though). So they would view people taking from the land, ravagers. And they also let nothing to waste... so no mining and herbalism (taking from the land) allowed, but skinning can be done. Well I had to kill the beast, but I will make his skin into something new... oh, that means Leatherworking then.

Now I only need a history, Taurens are just like Klingons. Remembering their father's father deeds and before that... and being a horde shaman, they tend to not like undead and bloodelfs, although they where responsible (at least the azeroth shaman organisation Earthen Ring) for getting the undead into the horde.

So, next item, find a history...

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