maandag 29 maart 2010

Cataclysm - Politics.

I was just reading the books of Lore found all over the world, when my mind started to wander.

We have some information about the politics in Cataclysm.

1. Hellscream will be the new leader for the Orcs.
2. Hellscream will throw out most Blood Elfs and Undead from Ogrimmar.
3. Hellscream will execute Bloodhoof for treason.
4. Night Elfs will 'welcome' some of their long lost High-Elf brothers back.

Let us start with the Horde.

Executing Bloodhoof for treason? The only thing I can actually see Bloodhoof doing, is not wanting to declare open warfare on the Alliance. The Tauren are a mostly peace-full people, only taking up arms if they are threatened. So, how will the executing of their beloved leader fall on all Taurens.... I suppose they will not be very happy.

Undeads and Bloodelfs also will be very distrusting about Hellscream. They don't know him, so why should he be leader of the Horde? And he expels them from the orc-city, not a good base for trust, I would say.

Now let's speculate some more.

What are the Undead going to do, now Arthas, the sole reason they existed is death? And keep in mind, that most of the Undead are in fact risen citizens of Lordearan, former humans that is, and most of them still remember their past lives. Although they do not want to.

The High-Elves are returning. They will join the Night-Elves in a fight for good (I pressume). But, are the High-Elves not closer to the Blood-Elves, then to the Night-Elves. And if the Night-Elves welcome High-Elves back, could that also be the start of getting the Night-Elves and Blood-Elves closer together again.

Will the aggressive path of the new Orc-Leader be the end of the New Horde? I wouldn't be surprised that the Undeads and Blood-elfs would say goodbye, and that the Taurens would seal Mulgore, and let the Orcs, Trolls and Goblins go their way.

It's just, what are the long-term consequences of alienating half of the people in the Horde.....

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