woensdag 3 maart 2010

Going Restokin

I had two days of theorycraft-reading. How to Tree, and How to Lazerchicken.

Th conclusion was simple, I have been gemming wrong. Talents where also not really right, but I already knew that, I just specced for heroics a while back, not for raids.

So now all my spellpower/spirit and spellpower/intellect have to be replaced, well, not all spellpower/spirit gems. There's also a different way to gem for both treesm Tree likes haste more, while Chicken likes more crit (in boomkin my haste is 550, so crit>haste). This is something I am not really happy with.

I will probably be tree in our guilds 10mens, but I may also apply to a raiding community as chicken... so I probably need some dual-gears, gemmed differently.

The fact remains, I don't really see the use of more haste on tree to help me out, most of the time I just HoT away, and on that ICC last I used Nourish a lot, which already has a low casting time.

So, time to make a lot of Spellpower/Crit gems I guess, now how did that work with converting honor-points to gems, some of my alts have a lot of that, and those tokens you get in dungeons while your side has Wintergrasp are also growing to humor-heights.

But... I like Theorycrafting, so...

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