vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Clouds' on the move.

Well, my idea was to actually write a blog before this, but, alas, playing got in the way.

Cloudcaller is no 36, mostly using the lfd-function. Although I did some questing killing animals for skinning. And like a friend of mine says, he is a bane to all cloth-wearers. well, there's hardly any sp-leather at low levels.

Few things about the last 25 levels, but especially about level 20.

Level 20 gives you some new spells, most importantly is water-shield. This finally gives you the mana-regen you need to not drink that much, or rather almost never. But lvl20 also gives you a quest, to get your third totem. And it is a drag. It sends you all over the world to get water. Tarren Mill, Ashenvale and finally the sepulcher... oh, and it starts and ends somewhere in the southern barrens. At that level it means a lot of travelling, because you probably don't have the flightpaths yet. Luckily you also get a Kodo at level 20 these days. But, it will take you about an 60-90 minutes to do the quests, with not that much xp, so it seems slow.

And there's the problem with glyphs. I actually used glyph of flametongue for more crit until I got Earthliving. And at the moment I am using Water Shield and Healing Totem. I am really looking forward to lvl40, when we get that spell everybody knows of resto-shammies, Chain Heal. And then I should probably re-evaluate my glyphs again. I don't think any other class has this problem.

And, btw, the first tier of resto-talents suck... You got the option between faster Healing Waves, and cheaper totems. Now totems are not that expensive, and the moment you get lesser healing wave, you almost forget about healing wave. And why is my 'cleanse' button a talent? I had to explain to a PuG in RFD that I couldn't remove the debuff from the gong-boss, because I wasn't lvl40 yet...

And on PuGs, I find myself getting more harsh with each level I get. Look, as a teacher, I have no problems helping people. Especially with finding your way around dungeons, or finding the entrance (which happens a lot). But at level 30 you should have a basic grasp what is good for you, so no more needing on spellpower if you are a hunter.

Oh, and I had my first leecher yesterday. It was an armory-run. Our tank d/c-ed so we vote-kicked her, and of course no new tank showed up for the next 15 minutes. But the arms-warrior did a good job, so we just cleared trash, with three people, because the warlock was on /follow. We tried to loose him, but every time we did that, he just moved and put himself on follow again.... and we couldn't kick him, because we already had used our kick.

Neext dungeon, Cathedral, other warlock, but he just went AFK from the start. The moment we where ready for Mograine, he started to move again, but a quick vote-kick by me was passed, luckily... and we just 4-manned it. I hate leechers..

On level 30, you get your fourth totem, this time no long questline, just a quick delivery in 1k needles. And you get a quest to ditch your four totems for a single one, that counts for all, and it is equipable, yeah, more bag-space.

So far for shammie-levelling. To end, my story about last weeks Saurfang. I was a Tree, and my co-healer was a resto-shammie, who kept putting down cleansing totem... oh well, everything died, without many deaths on our side, so.

Now, durng the first three bosses, I had real big mana-problems, and even my new trinket from marrow/lady D.? didn't help me with that. And that problem really was a problem on Saurfang, as both me and the shammie ran out of mana at 30%. Problem: No ret-palyy/surv-hunter/frostmage, i.e. replenishment. So... we had one of our tree mages change spec to frost :)

So gone where the mana-problems, and when Saurfang hit 30% the second time, I still had 50% mana orso, and that was a good thing, becaus I needed it all. Saurfang casted his mark of heavy-sustains-through-death-damage on the shammy. My first thought was, cool, he can heal himself, while I keep focusing tanks. WRONG. I just sw his health going down, and when I finally reached the conclusion that he wasn't going to heal himself, it was to late. So splat went the shammy, and saurfang gained some health. Shammie anked, went splat again and saurfang gained more health... Solo-healing the last 30% of saurfang is hard... but I got it done, with no other deads iirc. I was exhausted after that though, gambling with health-bars for a minute or a half is not fun.

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