donderdag 1 april 2010

April's Fool

Look, some people are way to logical for that.

I had some scholars sabotage the whiteboard, redecorate a classroom in 30 seconds, and of course the old shoe-lace-tricks today. But I am to logical to fall for most, probably because my shoes don't have laces :)

There are a couple of AF-blogs around. Wowwiki has every picture (and some more) turn upside down.

And I just noticed the achievement-rrs-feed.

Cloudcaller Cheesed the achievement...
Cloudcaller Ninjaed ....

Yeah yeah, luckily this day only lasts 24 hours, of which luckily I sleep 8.

And now I am part of a larger community, I probably need to start watching comments.

Yes Zaeni, I find shamans nice to play. Actually, I have a 70-enhancement somewhere.

Oh, and btw, Cloudcaller is still without heirlooms, by choice.

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