dinsdag 20 april 2010

SAN and raiding... O_o

It came up last night in the green. Raiding, and raiding burnout, and how to get back to raiding... in the SAN-chat, that is.

Last weeks, I have only been playing SAN. And as one of them stated, the guild where nothing get done, because we are to busy talking. Well, some do stuff. My friend (now called Steamy) was the first real SAN 1-80 (with heirlooms). I don't know if there already is a non-heirloom 1-80, I am very close though at 75. And last night the raiding was mentioned.

Do we really want so many bloggers raiding in one guild? Well, we could ofcourse be soft-core. But what impact shall it have on the blogosphere? And what power do we actually have...and yes, it may corrupt.

We already saw what a small remark could do, to bring people together, having fun. That's why SAN exists. But what is the 'power' of the blogosphere? If 70% of the blogs out there is going to write the same wish/conclusion/whatever, can we have the power to change the mind of Ghostcrawler for example?

What would happen if SAN, actually started to do some raids, just for fun? One likely outcome is a death Arthas within a month...

But, a lot of SAN has been burned out on raiding, they just want to have fun, no schedules to raid, and no consequences if they just don't play for a week. The after effects of burn-out. Like I have.

I probably won't mind raiding again, but not like I did in the past with XII. Fun and relaxation is my main-goal in WoW at the moment. Log in, do some quests, some dungeons, have some fun with guildies and be afk for an hour because of Torchwood.

I do miss my enterprise, both my enchanter/bs as my miner/jc are alliance. And my 60-warlock is also doing nothing....

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/Moar Alts zei

About the one and only thing that would get me raiding again would be low key stuff with SAN. That said, I'm 100% happy for that never to happen...