zondag 4 april 2010

More Politics

Wow.com has an interesting set of articles about wow-politics. Here you can read the last installment about Bloodelfs.

Now, last week I wrote something towards that (here).

So, is it time to really shake up the player-base? Will we have Horde (Orcs/Trolls/Goblins), Alliance (Human/Dwarves/Worgen/Gnomes) and some neutral races?

Why are the Bloodelfs and the Undead still in the Horde. What are the Tauren going to do. Will the Night-elves get enough of lesser races? And what about the Draenai? What are they doing in the Alliance?

It will be interesting how Blizzard will tackle this, or will they outright ignore it?


Horde: Orc/Troll/Tauren/Goblin
Alliance: Human/Dwarf/Gnome/Worgen
Northern Alliance: Night-Elves/Blood-Elves/Draenai/Undead

That would really shake up stuff :)

Oh, and with all the new classes to each races, every faction still would have access to all, hurray for Holy Cows, dwarven totem-throwers and worgen druids.

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