dinsdag 7 juli 2009

...and back from Roskilde

I have returned :p

10 days of burning heat, no wind, almost no shadow, and I have survived. Having to live 10 days on a festival-camping-sites really brings the best, and worst to the surface of people. Luckily mostly the best, or like Mike Patton from Faith No More said: Hello Hippies LOL

I also had some time to think about what to do with WoW. It is unlikeley I'll be returning to XII, they actually opened a spot for a tankadin... but I had a good talk with Kemwer, and I will be transferring my 68-Nelf-druid tonight. Kemwer is playing a Draenei Prot-warrior, and he is about to embark into Northrend. He hasn't been there before, and by transferring my druid, well... Tank/Healer LF 3 DPS... easy enough.

I also could have levelled my pally on that server (now 60), but then we where chasing the same loot, not handy. And yes, we will be running a lot of instances :p

Now, how did I spec a druid again...

3 opmerkingen:

Chemp zei

we opened a what for a what? i think atm there is no recruitment going atm, its xii holiday month

anyway enjoy outlands on your nubby druid :P

Gowron zei

mmm, Chemp, look at the recruitment-post :p

Chemp zei

*looks at post* damn admins editting druids