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Avoidance and Uncrittable

Second post today (dam european servers)

I just read through a lot of theorycrafting on tankspot and maintankadin, and below is the TL;DR-version. It al concerns the fact that parry and dodge will have other avoidance-percentages in 3.2.

From Xenix-Tankspot
1) Stack defense rating until you reach a number that has a minimum of wasted in the defense rating -> defense conversion. (728,787,846,910 and 969 are the best possible ones to hit).
2) Stack dodge/parry rating from there so that the post-DR portions of your Dodge% and Parry% are in a 1.875:1 ratio
3) If your total dodge+parry rating is getting anywhere near your defense rating, try to hit the next good number of defense rating (while adjusting your dodge/parry rating to maintain #2) as the diminishing returns on miss will be such that you will notice a slight difference.
4) If you can't hit the next good number of defense rating, don't worry - keep stacking dodge/parry in the aforementioned ratio and you'll be fine

But, as Theck on Maintankadin concludes, it may sometimes be hard to reach that optimum;
Xenix's method is clearly the best way to optimize your avoidance. It may be difficult to do in practice though, especially when juggling multiple gear sets.
Two close, simple approximations are:
At low gear levels ( defense rating + dodge rating + parry rating < 1150 or so), just ignore defense and stack dodge and parry rating in a 1.88:1 ratio.
At higher gear levels (defense + dodge + parry > 1150 rating), gear so that your post-DR dodge and parry percentages come out as close to a 1.88:1 ratio as possible. In other words:
(character_sheet_dodge_% - 10) / (character_sheet_parry_% - 10) = 1.88

This is also equivalent to the algorithm I posted earlier for ratings:

Take current ratings and subtract out 689 def, 96 dodge, and 64 parry
Figure out your current ratio of dodge:def:parry
if one of these is higher than the ideal ratio of 2.4:1.8:1, swap out some of the rating that's above the target ratio for a rating that's below or at the target value.
Recalculate and lather, rinse, repeat.

Note that this method may result in some "wasted" defense rating, but will also ensure that you're within about 0.075% avoidance of the best possible value you can have without forcing you to worry about exactly how much defense rating you have

Trust me, you don't want to read the full posts, unless you love mathematics.

Let's look at Gowron


So according to Xenix, my def-rating is BAD, I either have to gain some (hard) or loose some (easy, change some enchants/gems). Now what happens with Theck's info:

Def: 817-689=128
->converting to 2.4;1.8;1
0.48 ; 1,12 ; 1

So, my defense is way to low to be optimal, so I should actually be aiming for 846 defense to be optimal there.
Raising it more ofcourse is to hard. But that's not really bad, as long as I am around there. I do have to much parry, when looking at the dodge/parry-conversion of 1.8;1. So at the moment, I should favor Defense, then Dodge, then Parry... not much has changed :p

Oh, and for Madouc:
At level 70, you need to have 490 defense to be uncrittable vs. lvl73-mobs, and 485 defense vs. lvl72-mobs.
At level 80, you need to have 540 defense to be uncrittable vs. lvl83-mobs, and 535 defense vs. lvl82-mobs.
It is a linear line. So at level 72, you need to have 485 defense to be uncrittable vs. lvl72, and for every level the mob is higher add 5 defense. Or, in an other way, you need 140 defense above your base defense (your level times 5) to be uncrittable against mobs 3 levels higher then you.

Now only one question remains, all raid-bosses are skull-level. So, is Attumen now a lvl83-boss and can he crit lvl70-characters to dead, or is he considered 3 levels higher as you, making him lvl75 vs. a lvl72-character??

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