zaterdag 11 juli 2009

Old blogs and other stuff

Well, I found two blogs again which I read a lot. They changed their names, but now they are back in my blog-roll. Ulushnar changed gender *gasp*, and Lore wrote a nice piece about healing some way back.

I can see what Lore is telling. I had the oppurtunity to heal a couple of bosses in Ulduar some weeks ago, and all I did was spam Holy Light. I think I only used Flash of Light 5 times. And I really needed to look out when to use a GCD to judge/Divine plea or recast Beacon/Sacred Shield.

I also know what my healing bar looked like in Karazhan. It had Max rank FoL, Max rank HL and HL rank 7 (iirc). And of course the old saying I used: Bind one key to FoL, and the rest to HL. Spam FoL, and in case of emergency, smash head into keyboard :p I did need to watch my mana those days, so spamming HL was out of the question. These days, with all the replenishments and mana-buffs, just spam HL, you'll never get out of mana.

So lowering boss' damage, towards not 2-shooting tanks, and lowering mana-returns seems like a good idea to me. It would give healers a choice again which spell to use.

And on Argent Dawn, Mardah has reached 72. She already got two blues from the early instances, but is now on hold, so my friend can catch up. Ezrila has reached 61 today, and was in a party without a Death Knight to ramparts... so she got the Hell Reaver :p. She is also sporting 2 mail-pieces now, which are better then the greenies you get from early OL-quests. Mailadin FTW :p

I also cleared all my mailboxes on Ghostlands. The move by my-now-former-co-officers didn't land well with me. I am actually looking forward to the faction-change. That way all the time I spend on Gowron isn't wasted, now.. will he become human or draenai :p ... probably human... and female then I guess, I just hate the looks of human males ;p

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Chemp zei

Gowron , you lvl like a mad man!

also looking forward to killing in WG when the faction changes come.... though i am going to miss you on the horde side :P

Abbo zei

I miss you Gowron


André zei

ahum, the druid is a transfer, which i levelled in fevruar when i was between guilds :p