maandag 20 juli 2009

Almost there

Well, Mardah reached 75 today. And the last few days I found out that if you have some more blues :p, healing is not that hard as the first few times. And it also helps if your tank is almost uncrittable, and the rest of the DPS is not hitting something else.

Mots of the time it's just Rejuv-spam and Wild Growth if the whole party gets damage. Mardah got the achievement for the quests in Tundra, did some quests in Dragonblight, some in Grizzly Hills, and is now back with the Kalu'Ak to get some mor reputation. Rewards from those are available at 76. After that it is probably Wyrmrest-Time :p

I am still looking for a non-elitist-jerk blog to read about trees and chickens. It seems Phaelia has not been replaced yet, or I am missing something, most of the blogs I know are written by and for Paladins :p

Talking about pallies... the new Vindication will be Mandatory in 3.2 imho. But more on that in a later blog.

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