woensdag 15 juli 2009

Northrend at 67

Ezrila did a long streak of instances yesterday with 3 other people, and 1 spot being changed. We did get a good impression of the new Huntard, called Death Knight. Really, some knowledge about your class would be nice, and needing on a spellpower-weapon and then also equipping it is really... well :p

So after Mana-Tombs-Crypts-Durnholde-Setthek Halls, and one quest in the Blade Edge mountains, Ezrila hit 67. I had some meat gathered, and levelled cooking to 450, and with my herbalism sitting at 373, I went to Northrend to learn the next levels. I actually completed my first Northrend quest, Northrend Cooking, which is available pre-68. Then it just hit me, I rode out of and started killing the undead crypt-thingies. 15 minutes later, and 10% Xp (unrested later) I had my second lightbulb lighting up.

Mardah is a Skinner, and needs a butt-load of Borean Leather, so Ezrila went to the other starting zone, and tried to skin the wolves that attacked the settlement... epic fail. They de-spawn to fast. So I rode out, and started the Shoveltusk Extermination Squad. These beasties travel in packs which are not hostile towards you, and there are single hostile arounds. So, here I was happily killing those for leather/scraps and meat.

It lasted around 30 minutes before a yellow dot appeared on my mini-map, yeah, my first northrend-herb... 2 Gold Clovers, 3 Deadnettles and a Frost Lotus from my first Herb LOL. So I did this for about 45 minutes, getting to 40% XP, when I was called out by Madouc to join a OHF-BM-run... because, and I quote one of the others in the party, "The Death Knight could not understand the intricate possibilities of the tour-quest" LOL.

Something went wrong, so we had to actually had to do OHF twice. Escorting Thrall is not actually an escort quest, so one of the party-members didn;t accept the second quest because he was afraid to start it, which normally happens. In OHF that is not the case, which is confusing. In BM Ezrila got a leather and a mail item, which can be equipped at lvl68, whoopee, that means I can get to use them for what? 5-6 quests? Before I get better...

So I am now actually levelling 2 characters, at around the same level...

Oh, and Mardah did some Northrend-Dungeon Healing, Utgarde Keep. While healing in the TBC-dungeons is boring, even in BM, healing in UK was hard, large damage-spikes (crittable tank??), AoE-damage, and DK's pulling aggro. Trust me, if you pull aggro from the tank in a Northrend-dungeon, with a healer who has gear on that level (not T6 or sunwell-gear), you have a good chance to die :p

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