maandag 27 juli 2009

80...part III

And friday, it happened again. Mardah was rescuing some crusaders from the Scourge in Icecrown when she got her final experience to reach 80. So I learned some new spells, and put myself in the LFG for some easy Heroics, Violet Hold, Halls of Stone.

I got invited to a party to VH. Well, that was some harder healing then I was used to :p. We got defenseless and the party continued towards Drak'Tharon Keep. That was a little easier to heal, and we got the Oh Novos!-achievement. Then they wanted to go to Halls of Lightning... ouch.

Well, I did my best, and everyone knew how long I was 80 (having a achievement-pop-up saying you got your first amblem :p). But nonetheless, they thought I did some 'sick' healing and where ready to go with me. Now HoL is, together with the Occulus, one of the hardest Heroics in my memory. But it seemed to go well, we even got Shatter Resistant. But then came Loken.

I did everything problem on the healing.. except, well, my Health was barely 13k, so I was death after the first Loken-Nova. Second try we all run different ways.. no good. Third try, I survived the first Boom, but the second was to much. But with full HoT's ticking on the party, they downed him.. within 2 minutes. Another achievement :p

Sunday-morning I spend some gold to level Leatherworking a little bit more, so I could make the 2 purple recipes, and I got a nice ring from somewhere, more suited for boomkins, but better then I had for resto. So the race is on for more Epics :p

And, of course, the moment I hit 77, I was in Storm Peaks, so again hunting for Sons of Hodir... which is easier now that you can use those relics of ulduar to gain rep. Oh, and I got the dragon from the Culling of Stratholme.. lol, I am a druid, why do I need that :p

I also encountered some bad tanks.. but my pocket-tank :p is 77 now... almost there.

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