dinsdag 4 augustus 2009


And there it is, at least, tomorrow there it is :p I read through the patch notes, and here are some changes.

-New Druid Bear and Cat forms...
Where are the Moonkin/Tree-forms???

-All Dungeons except the new raid-dungeons will now drop Emblems of Conquest.
Nice, Mardah just has 1 Heroism left, and tomorrow she can start to get those EoC for T8-equivalent loot. I also suspect that there will be a lot of groups be forming... and that the time to enter dungeons will be BAD.

-Daily Heroic Dungeon Quest will reward 2 Emblems of Triumph.
Well, 2/day for running a dungeon... that'll take a while.

-Rogues can use axes.
TBH, can't there be a quest-line when you reach, say exalted with a faction, to learn a new weapon-skill? Or would that be to much homogenization.

-Mount at lvl20, Epic Mount at 40, Flying at 60 (150%, not 60%), Heirloom Northrend Flying and rep-reducing cost for epic flying.
All Nice, only thing is, the rep-reducement is from the OL/Northrend main faction. Anyone Exalted with Thrallmar??? Well, time to unequip the tabard in dungeons.

-Replenishment now replenishes 1% mana
Nice, more mana-regen...like Mardah ever gets oom.

-Wolvar and Gorloc orphans have arrived in Dalaran and need your help!
mmm, SO? Wolvar?? Gorlac?? I wonder who orphaned them.... :p

Oh well, and a lot more. At least now I look a little bit more forward to levelling a shammie. Wolf-form at 16, riding at 20. That will save a lot of time. And Ezrila will get the heirloom at 70. And no more slowpoke whit normal flying.


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