woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Cataclysm- Brilliant Strategy

Brilliant Strategy

You should know that World of Warcraft is old, 5 years, that's ancient for computer-games. A lot has happened the last 5 years on games, better engines, better graphics to name but a few. And for that reason alone, WoW is ancient. Players still have the same-looking toons as 5 years ago, old-world stuff almost looks archaic. Almost every new game has better graphics then WoW, but why do a few million players still play this? Because they know how it works, they have some friends... and it is addicting.

After 5 years, Blizzard should really bring out World of Warcraft 2..but.. If they do that, they will loose players. Why? New game means, so long to your current characters. And a lot of people will turn away from the game then, they will try at the start, but a lot will leave.. so how to keep all those players, and still make a new game???

Patch 4.0 - Cataclysm

This is WoW2. The complete levelling-path will be re-written. It has to... no way to find Mankrik's Wife now, she is in the lava-stream. And that's just one of the things. I don't think there will be many scorpids in the Desolace, beinf desert-creatures more then forest-creatures... So every player can level a new character with new experiences, while still keeping their old 80's...rrr..85's. You even get to play with race-class combination not seen before (yes, I always wanted a Cow-adin). They also bring two new races forth, with even more levelling-experience, and the complete old-world is opened, Uldum, Mount Hyjal, Grim Batol. And you can even fly over it.

And they listen to players. You can do SFK/DM at around level 20, and do the heroics when you reach 85. That's the thing that mostly surprised me.. level-cap raised to 85... why not 90?? Well, I think there is some psychological crap about reaching 100, and then the end. If Blizzard now only raises the cap with 5 each Exapnsion, they can make three more, which means that around 2018, in patch 7.0, World of Warcraft will probably end... that are 8 more years!!! So Blizzard has actually secured WoW for a long time.

Patch 4.0 is World of Warcraft version 2... and I think they gonna pull it off...

Brilliant Strategy

Now give me resto-druid troll-form, either a palm-tree or a cannabis-plant :p

(ok, last joke didn't come from me, credit goes to Kemwer)

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