dinsdag 15 september 2009


Ooh, 3 weeks of no posts :p

Well, I started studying and that has taken a lot of my time, but what happened in WoW.

Gowron and Jorky (my brothers Tauren Hunter) rejoined XII, not that we are able to raid, but apparantly we got a re-invite because of past things, and we went RP-ing in /gchat :p. "Hey, where is the coffeeshop in this joint [Dalaran", "I don't know, let's find a Troll Shaman, he should know". Trust me, it's hard to find a Troll shammie :p.

Mardah has not been doing much, she healed a heroic-run with some guildies, and she got that nice rejuvenation-idol in the ned, and is sporting 2 T8.5 pieces. I also bought her Epic Flight form, so me and a friend can now farm Anzu for the mount. Mardah is around 42/50 mounts... so close.

Ezrila has become my AH-toon, and sometimes I just enter an instance to whack things.

Mariandel is my new most-played character. lvl53 enhancement Shaman (Space-goat), with skinning and enchanting. I did 2 BRD's (complete) last weekend, and she has some gear for higher levels. But, last night, while she was lvl52.5 she went inot Alterac Valley. The first one I won't count, I came in with only 63 reinforcements left, but the other 4 where much better. 3 of those where shitload allie vs. 10 hordes, so very easily won. The other one was much closer, ending in the Horde winning with around 120 reinforcements, and it lasted for an hour I think.

Battles on places where you wouldn't expecting it, really fighting for verey inch, just like AV should be. Even us, the loosing side, where very happy with the play. It was fun... and worthwhile...

4 complete AV's means 1.1 level... that's fast. Ok, as low level, you sometimes can do shit (I hate Death Grip), but totems are always worthwhile for the rest. I even respecced to a more PvP-build... that's a first, I never did that, on any char (even not on the frostmage Lurge). And I liked it. There are a lot more low levels running around in AV50-59, so you can try to take out the ones on your level, while the 58/59-ers are trying to protect you against the enemy 58/59-ers.

I got a shitload achievements, but it did take 3 AV's before a priest was killed :p. And we had a genuine AFK-er, a shaman called Bipsy. He was mass-reported in 3 AV's, and we where already having fun with him. "Oh, wait, Bipsy can tank", Yes, we are going to win, Bipsy is here", etcetera... and in AV #4, it happened... Bipsy started moving.... you should have seen /bgchat :p.

Well, tbh, going afk in av, will now also give you a huge amount of xp, free levelling... I just wonder, what does Blizzard do when they see the report on this guy... He probably had around 100 afk-reports?? Why was he even allowed in AV for a third time??

But, alas, there's a real possibility I stay a little longer in Av's. Don't go other BG's btw, there are to few other players to protect you from higher levels... and you will see the spirit-healer almost continuosly....

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