dinsdag 29 september 2009

Hand of Reckoning

I am levelling a protecion paladin.. again :p, but that's now what this post is about. I (re-)found a real gem while levelling.

Hand of Reckoning.

What does it do?

Well, for starters, it is a Taunt. If a mob is hitting you healer, or your dps, hit button, and smack, you are on top of the aggro-list. that's the easy part.

But, as I found out, it also does damage on a Mob not targetting you. Which makes it an excellent pulling-tool before yo get Avenger's Shield (or besides, because AS has a CD of 30 seconds). You can even time it with Exorcism to have aggro on 2 mobs.

But what really is fun, is a game mechanic called running away. A lot of mobs (dungeons/outside) have the tendecy to run away when they are near death... and that can be very annoying, sometimes bringing a lot more friends. Now, when those mobs run away, the stop targetting you...and if the mob doesn't target you HoR does damage....and most of the times enough to kill the runner... pure win.

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