woensdag 30 september 2009

Tankadin-levelling : Planning

So, I started another tankadin, just like Gowron, I planned this beforehand to go Protection. 2.5 years ago it was because I'd like the idea of not getting much damage, now it was to see what was different. And I could actually write a how-to-level-as-tankadin.

First descison was which race. Well Blood Elf fell away, because I already did that, so the Alliance was left. The last patch gave something interesting. Faction Discount for flying horse, based on Ogrimmar or Stormwind rep. So human would be logical.

But there's more. I looked around to gear, and I found a real gem. If you get some honor, and 30 WSG-marks, you can buy a nice trinket at level 20. 4 stamina-3HP5. Mind you this is a Trinket. Normally, the first trinket you´ll get is around lvl 45, around Maraudon-Sunken Temple. So this trinket would last me for more then 20 levels.

Also, when you hit 40, and spend some honor and 20 WSG/marks, you can get some nice Purple bracers... and you actually get some xp in BG´s these days. Combining this with the stormwind rep, and the Human Racial everybody for themselves, well...

I created a female paladin, Kyari. On Argent Dawn. She got the resilience BoA-shoulders, and the BoA-Chestpiece (although I have the feeling they don´t stack).

So, race set, and some things to do while levelling, doing WSG at around lvl17 and lvl37. You could also do AB for some nice boots with speed-increase. But my experience is that Alliance can win a WSG, but will mostly loose an AB.....

So, hit create, and there she was, standing before the Cathedral... with very few spells...

....to be continued.

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