maandag 5 oktober 2009

The Largo Embargo

GMOTD: The Direction has evacuated the premises.

The Largo Embargo is the bankguild of a few friends. We used to collect a lot of stuff there. It also served as a backup-bank for XII for a while. But it is situated on Ghostlands.

All 5 'founding' members are now playing om Argent Dawn as Allies. Kemwer has got a 80-warrior, and is now levelling a Dorf Hunter. Jorky and Eshmoun (and his other char Rasout) have server/faction transferred, and are also Dwarfs. Morhen is playing there, although he still refuses to tell his new name. And I have finished levelling my Tree there, and I am now levelling a Tankadin...

Last weeken, me and Kemwer robbed da bank clear. Putting all the sttuff for on the AH, undercutting competion by 50%. That where at least 1000 auctions that flooded the AH this weekend, probably making some auctioneer-addons-behaviour very strange :p. Most of the stuff was low-level, so we don't expect a lot of gold, but we are clearing da bank.

Miriani, my female orc hunter with jewelcrafting and mining will server/faction transfer within 2 weeks. She will take a lot of stuff, and all the gold with her from several accounts. She's the mailman, I actually considered also making her a Dorf... but.. she's a not yet fully levelled JC, so she will become a space-goat :p

Why are we leaving Ghotslands? Well, tbh, if you have played on a full server like AD, you may sometimes have trouble logging in, but finding a group for a random dungeon is much faster. Try doing Gnomeregan on GL with a lvl30 character... fat chance.

Goodbye Ghostlands... The Largo Embargo Group has moved on.

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