dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Tankadin-levelling: Slow Start

So there she was, Kyari, lvl1 Hewman Paladin. Standing before a church.

I quickly looked at the spells I had, there was the racial, Holy Light and Seal of Righteousness... o_0. I picked up some quests and started hammering away, you start with a 2H-hammer. That is slow.. you buff yourself with SoR, start attacking, and wait till mob is dead. Level2 was reached in no-time luckily, so to the trainer. (Tip: you also start the game with a shirt, which you can sell for a few copper, you'll be needing that).

The trainer gave me a new spell, Devotion Aura.. great, less damage taken, but still slow at killing mobs. Out in the fields again, killing more mobs (something with candles). Ding...Ding..lvl4, back to the trainer. Ah, now we are talking. Blessing of Might and Judgement of Light where added to my spells. BoM of course gives more attack-power, which means bigger hits, but JoL is the real beauty, starting a fight 10 yards earlier really speeds up the game, it also heals yourself, and you can take the first step to multi-pulling.

I completed all the quests in the starting zone, and reached lvl 5.9 with that (sometimes you can reach 6), so onwards to the next town, picking up some delivery-quests. Upon raching the new town, Ding...lvl6, and the trainer gave me.. HL2..mmm, ok, and Divine Protection. So at lvl6, you get your first oh-shit button. here's also an innkeeper in the town, so Hearthstone was set, and a mailbox, with some bags and heirlooms waiting. Out in the fields again, but killing became something like hit JoL, wait ten seconds, is mob nearly dead, wait till dead, else JoL again...

Level 8 gave me Parry (nice for tanks :p), the stun Hammer of Justice and Purify (the little brother of Cleanse). So some utility, some more damage-reduction.... but killing stuff was getting slower and slower. So I grinded onward towards level 10...

And level 10 gave me, the next rank for BoM and DevoArau, and Hand of Protection... great still no damage-spells, more survavibility... ok BoM gives some more AP, but not that much. I also got my first talent-point.

Now Kyari's goal is to be a tankadin, and now we are lucky. In the firts tier of the protection tree there's a real nice talent. Divine Strength , more strength means more damage... adding that with BoM2, might just be enough to make it feel faster.

Now, Kyari reached lvl 10, and she's still carrying a 2H-weapon... well, (looking into the future) the first dungeon that pops up in your LFG is at level16, so if you do find a shield, keep it, but keep wacking away with your 2H until then to speed up levelling.

At lvl10 the next zone also awaits, but do finish some of the quests in zone2, before you head out. By the way, I did solo Hogger along the road... :p

...to be continued.

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