vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

more patch-news

So, Moonkin-form gets less damage when stunned...mmm, nice if I ever gonna PvP I guess, and the knockback on typhoon has been changed...KNOCKBACK???

Knockback is probably the most irritating thing there is. I really detest people using it in groups. The tank has everything piled up nicely, inside DnD/Cons/Whatever and then knockbacks lets the mobs fly all over the place. Ok, sometimes this can come in handy when the tank gets a few damage-spikes after each other...but..most of the time, the knockback knocks mobs back into other mobs...or pets butt-pull other mobs... very irritating. That's why Mardah has the Glyph of Typhoon, no knockbacks, mon..

Tankadin-threat is being nerfed.. a little. Instead of stamina, strength now gives spellpower. Which probably means most tankadins loose around 100 spelldamage. And Righteous Fury's threat-multiplier goes from 90% to 80%. Well, with the recent buffs to threat, I don't think you will notice this.

There's one thing that does seem strange. They just recently changed BoSanctuary to give stamina. The problem is, Kings gives also agilty, strength and intellect. Now intellect isn't that great, but it still gives you some spell-crit, and more mana-regen from Replenishment and Divine Plea. Agility gives a little threat through crit, and of course some armor. Strength gives more Block-Value (mitigation.threat), more Attack Power (threat) and now more spellpower (threat).

BoSanc of course gives more stamina, damage-reduction and mana-regen. However the change made to BoSanc was made so tankadins could take that Blessing without loosing the stamina, so they would favor it over Kings normally... and I think tankadins are back to the old debate now, Kings or Sanc....

Oh, and the CD on Hammer of Justice is being changed... pfff, so what. I almost never used that.

Oh, and guess what also gets changed:
Wailing Guardsman: Screams of the Past will no longer have multiple applications on a target. Recast time has been increased.
Yes.. finally..uhm wait... These are the undead mobs just inside the room of the what? third boss in SHADOWFANG KEEP...WTF? I never really had a problem with those :p, and the fact that Old-world and TBC-instances are hardly run these days, mostly because they are not getting slots on the blizzard-server...well...how did they get to this idea?

Yes, apparantly Wrath-heroics have priority for getting server-slots, and maybe there are even saved spots for them, while old-world instances are getting..well.. nothing...

Maybe it's time for World of Warcraft 2 : After Arthas ;p. Let everyone start a-new :p. The whole game is now sometimes just ridiculous. Lower levels, so new players, have a hard time. They miss half the stories because fast-levelling, and if they meet some one nice in a group, big chance that person is sporting 1 or 2 heirlooms, and will out-level the new player that fast, playing together is not an option

Most of the people I have played with on Ghostlands, I met during levelling, that is the way friends are found, and Guilds are formed..oh well...at least I had the oppurtunity to level 2 characters ' normally'.

Oh, and I did try Kitty, but I play this game to relax :p, and keeping up a good kitty-rotation is not relaxing. And the fact is that I got very good resto-gear at the moment, where I just change some gear for more hit when boomkinning. So Boomkin goes faster...

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