zaterdag 27 juni 2009

The Culling of XII

I haven't been on Gowron for 2 weeks, schoolwork and other stuff prevented me from raiding, and if I don't raid, there's not much for Gowron to do. I did however followed the XII-forum, I am... or was... still an officer.

Friday it happened, the forum was flooding with quetsions, QQ, and surprise. Every member who was not online for a week or so, all socials, and some slackers where guildkicked. That included me.....

The reason it seems are logical, for some part. Their where a lot of slackers, and the guild needed a cleaning, but I have 2 big problems with how it went.

First of all, there was nothing in the officers-forum which pointed to this, no post was made as far as I know. There could have been a post on thursday (I didn't look at the forum on thursday), but to make such a big move in such a short time... mm well.

Second, all forum-access was revoked for the kicked people, except the recruiting-forum. So not only where a lot of people kicked from the guild who had been in XII for more then a year, they also couldn't use the forum anymore. It's like having a friend say, 'No, I don't want to play with you anymore' and then changing is phone-number. For some it feels like back-stabbing.

XII has always been a very open guild, descisions where often laid before the members before implemented, this action is completely against that. Actually, it seems XII now has evolved from a social raiding guild, towards a Hardcore raiding guild. I don't like that direction, but, I have been kicked, without any prior notice or explanation....

Because two ex-guildies also have blogs, I also learned that both Chemp and Healishna/Oriskhna left the guild last night after the Culling. Maybe some more will also leave, and if XII survives, well, only time will tell. I did get the message that when I am online I'll be reinvited, but I don't know if I should do that (it's on the public part of the xii-forum btw), I don't know if this is the XII I have been in for the past 1.5 years.

Two weeks ago, I was visited by a friend. His Ghostlands-name is Kemwer. Kemwer and me are responsible for the fact that XII actually became a raiding-guild. Around 13 months ago, while I was visiting him, we filled the Guild-Calendar (the addon :p) with raids for a whole month, from monday till friday. It was the beginning of a long and succesfull run through 25-man raid-instances for XII. But Kemwer left the game due to real life issues, and maybe because he knew where XII was going.

Two weeks ago, he opened his WoW-account, and he was playing a warrior. On a RP-server. Because I like playing with RL-friends, I also made a character there for some fun... a Draenai Paladin. Last week I got an achievement which I didn't have on any other character, Blackrock Dephts. So, probably Gowron will be shelved for the moment, and I will play with Ezrila (sounds familiar?).

Also, I will start an education to Bachelor in Education later this year, in chemistry and physics, so looking at this logical, raiding is not a real option. But I do feel a little bit cheated, ah well.

...times are a-changing...

and now I am off, Roskilde Festival in Danmark awaits...

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Abbo zei

Heya Gowron, It is sad to be honest and actually looking at it well, it seems it was just 3 of the officers on a split decision, I really hope you will keep in touch with me, I was also wondering will you write me a lil something for me at some point,


Chemp zei

Well by the looks of it Gowron , cali has been out voted (for my invite)

also my blog been updated (46 mins of work :P)

and with orks info, looks like half the officers an't in this (Hopefully Coch, katthy and cali had nothing to do with this)