zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Legendary Gear

What do I still have in my bags which I am not using anymore:

Violet Signet of the Great Protector
Band of the Eternal Defender
The rings for Kara-rep, and BT-rep, when you hit exalted....

Frostwolf Insignia Rank 3
Medallion of the Horde
Both PvP, but the medaillion also was Mandotory for Archimonde

Drakefire Amulet
Seal of Ascension
Yeah, I am Onyxia-attuned :p, the ring is for...I don't remember, UBRS?

Phoenix-fire Band
I think you get this after completing the quest to kill Magtheridon

Blessed Medallion of Karabor
The reward for Killing Illidan

Sunblessed Breastplate
A little strange to keep it, but it is my only Sunwell gear :p

The Darkener's Grasp
Obtained from the quest-item that drops from Kael'Thas, one of the best necks for tankadins in TBC, and turning in the quest let's your name be shouted through Shattrah.

Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch
DUH, like I am going to throw this away. I did wear that for more then a year.

Phoenix-Wing Cloak
Why keep this, it drops of the fire-bird in The Eye. But I was really glad I got that. And it looks nice.

Hammer of Judgement
Illidari Runeshield
My Old Mace and Board from the last days of TBC. After 3.0, they actually became my healing-stuff...

Violet Badge
The quest-reward if you kill Prince Malchezaar, just keeping it for sentimental reasons I guess, like most stuff.

Lightbringer Shoulderguards
The T6-shoulders, and I think the best-looking Pally-shoulders ever. One pad has a mace, and the other a Libram on it.

The Decapitator
Drops of Prince. And back in the day, a good pulling weapon on HKM, the 4 dudes in SSC, and Council. Exorcism could only hit undead/demons, so this was my only single-target-pull-mechanic.

Brewfest Pony Keg
The times we drinked from this before Scryer-Bank, after each new boss-kill :p

Slayer of Lifeless
A newer one, but imho, one of the best looking weapons. And you have to wear it on your back.

Mallet of Zul' Farrak
Useless now, but it has stats these days. Reminds me of my levelling days with Sceptre.

Argent War Horn
For fun, to call forth yer own Pally :p

Blackened Urn
Grey item these days. Was needed to summon Nightbane.

Yeh' kinya's Scroll
Used to summon Hakkar in the Sunken Temple.

Direbrew's Remote
Instant teleport to BRD, also Hilarious in raids sometimes.

Archmage Vargoth's Staff
Feeling alone, summon Vargoth :p

Haunted Memento
mmm, why do I keep this. It only lest a shadow follow you, if you are carrying it...

Brightbrew Charm
Summon your own bar-maid :p

Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
This is responsible for letting everyone dance.

Arcanite Ripper
Ok, this one is still in use, playing duets with Chemp.

Everlasting Underspore Frond
Well, it says it's everlasting... and I have a habit to forgetting drinks.

Iron Boot Flask
Become a Dwarf...

mmm, well, that is almost 2 bags off stuff, together with 2-3 tanking-sets, 2 healing-sets, and a retri-set, that are 8 bags. Add a bag for enchanting stuff, one for tabards, 2 for stuff you have to have with you all the times (food/pots/etc.). Already at 12...and I only have 12 bags...

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