dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Still Going

I had a strange and sad week. And because of that I really don't feel like raiding. My concentration wanders quickly, so it would not be fair to XII.

Mostly I did some levelling last week. My 28-priest, which I hadn't seen for months ;p, is now 36. My bank-char is deleted, and replaced by a lvl16 Tauren Warrior, and my first toon ever, a Dwarf Hunter, has been replaced by a-now-lvl10-warlock. And with 2 +10%experience shoulders levelling goes really well. All my low-level toons have skinning (more crit), and either herbalism or mining as proffessions. Well almost...

my Ghostland-characters
lvl10 Warlock : Skinning/Herbalism
lvl16 Shaman : Skinning/Herbalism (current bank-character)
lvl18 Warrior : Skinning/Herbalism
lvl34 Rogue : Skinning/Engineering
lvl36 Priest : Jewelcrafting/Mining (JC needs to be replaced by skinning)
lvl64 DK : Skinning/Leatherworking
lvl70 Mage : Tailoring/Alchemist
lvl72 Druid : Herbalism/Inscription
lvl80 Hunter : Jewelcrafting/Mining
lvl80 Paladin : Enchanting/Blacksmithing

So, 6 skinners, 4 flowerpickers, 2 rockseekers

Now, if i can level them all to 80.... yeah right :p

I do find the warrior interesting. 1 mob will be dead in seconds, 2 mobs will kill him.... and he eats bandages like crazy.

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