donderdag 18 juni 2009


Some news arrived on future paladin changes (besides the pony we will be getting)

Remember, all things are subject to change.

Everyone: Double the effect of bonus Block Value on everything but shields. This has to do with the upcoming, still unclear, changes on how Block works.


Ardent Defender:
No more leapfrogging it, damage that brings you from 40% till zero now will be reduced.
If a blow would kill you, it sets you to 30% Health, CD of 2 minutes.

Blessing of Sanctuary:
Possible Stamina-boost??

Vindication (ret-tree):
Current effect will be replaced with an ataack-power-debuff.

Finally, the change on AD we have all been screaming for. The fact that it was leapfroggable was a key-part in my descision last summer to skip it entirely, and with the current Big Hits, it also became less useable. No wait, there is more, we are now really pain-in-the-asses. Think you killed me, haha, I am back :p. With the recent buffing of Hammer of justice for tanks, this could be fun in PvP.

BoSanc getting a stamina-buff is nice, gief more stamina, and although a retri-talent, the new Vindication just screams PROT. wonder if it becomes a spell, to juggle into 969, or an effect.


Flash of Light:
It's a Regrowth :p, FoL will put a HoT on target, very nice.

Beacon of Light:
Now also your overhealing will be transferred. Maybe more BoL's on one tank.

Illumination: the ground, baby. Again nerfed, but Replenishment maybe buffed.

Yeah, finally some raid-utility, and a freaking HoT. having Illumination being nerfed is probably logical, we never go OOM. But we have to wait and see if it actually works.


Will work on players again, but now has a cast time of 1.5 seconds.

The Art of War:
Besides getting an instant FoL, now also gives an instant Exorcism.

Crusader Strike:
CD reduced to 4 seconds, and damage lowered.

Seal of Blood/Martyr:

Seal of Vengeance/Corruption:
Will be buffed

Seal of Command:
Will be redesigned.

Ok, so, exorcism will have a cast time, but we will get instant-ones. So we have to choose, heal or damage. I want an Addon that screams Sun'Tzu :p. I don't think this is a big nerf to Exorcism, we can probably still use it every 20 seconds or so?? CD and damage lowered on Crusader Strike, so more buttons to push.

Seals are a-changing. They stated that Righteousness can remain a tanking-seal, but who uses that :p. But maybe the buff to corruption will work the other way for tanking. Removing the damage-yourself-seals is logical, Retri lost Spiritual Attunement, so damaging theirselves was not really fun anymore. And they will be redisgning Seal of casino..errr...Command. I hope the proc leaves, I am not a big fan of procs ;p. At the moment it's completely useless, and only intereseting for lower levels.

So, a lot of changes. Some are buffs, some are nerfs, but I think it's a bigger buff then nerf, for all trees. That can't be good.... Paladins being buffed more then nerfed, who was smoking Nederwiet :p firsts has to pass the PTR-QQ-ing. Any one want to bet how many will actually make it live? Well I don't...

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