woensdag 10 juni 2009

Loose things

Well, I am still on hiatus from raiding. The end of the year brings a lot of schoolwork. All those marks to give to students. Maybe I can sign up next week, but in 2 weeks, I'll be going on a short vacation, Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

I play around 60 minutes/day now, mostly levelling rested alts. My priest is running around in STV, and my DK is skinning like crazy in Nagrand. I read somewhere that it is actually feasable to take a 66DK to Northrend, well 85% to go to see if that works.

My Mage is slowly levelling tailoring, and because I have a 80 herb-hunter as provider, he'll probably also level up alchemy soon. Mu own miner/JC-hunter is doing almost nothing. Sometimes making some gems. And Cloudbasher (52-druid) is gathering rested XP mostly. On the lower levels I have a 52-pally rocking in the Plaguelands, my 24-warrior with lvl27-gear waiting, and a warlock and my shammy-bank-char. Oh, and a 34-rogue :p

My warrior now has the BoA-daggers enchanted with crusade. The DPS of one dagger is more then any green 2-hander I can find for that level...and he is sporting 2. Double-proc Crusades FTW.

A guildie of mine also started blogging, and he is asking if it's still fun to raid. Well, I didn't raid the last 2 weeks, and maybe that's says enough. Maybe some fun has gone, but imho that's mostly due to the fact that we don't have a path paved out. If we kill Yogg (we are now on general), well then we need to start hard-modes.....

I still think hard-modes are a poor substitution to more dungeons. If we now completed Ulduar, we need to run it all again for the hard modes, to unlock an extra boss. The same setting all over again till the next big patch. I want more dungeons, less achievements please. Hell, why do you think I am levelling so many characters :p

Blizzards is seems to be doing less work for us... oh well, I am hoping that'll change.

And I reconfigured my boss-tanking-set. I let go of the goal to reach block-cap, and went full avoidance. In that set-up I am around 6% below Block-cap now, and with raid-buffs even less, maybe even reaching it. It's just not worth it anymore to go for block-cap if the damage reduction is too low, shaving of 1500 from a 25k hit... meh. Until they change block ofcourse.

Well, Tom Petty already wrote a line about that:

The future is wide open.

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