vrijdag 7 november 2014

Countdown to Warlords : Overpowdered

Rouges are Overpowdered. - Nagkeen

That was the forumsignature of an officer in my first raidingguild. He played a Rogue, which was considered overpowered back then by most. OP-classes, or specs, is something akin to MMO's. Sometimes a class will do things the makers didn't consider, and be stronger then any other.

These classes are also very likely to be the so-called 'flavor-of-the-month' class. Players, and people in general, have the tendecy to flock to the strongest. And we have all seen OP-stuff. Last few months I thought it was mostly Warlocks, although I may be mistaken.

You always find OP DPS at the top of the lists, and not on just one fight, but on all the fights. The last few years, Blizzard has dwindled it down, the player is more important than the class. How bossfights are is also very important. If I look back at the last months, Innovation always had the same 6 people in the top 10, but almost never the same player on top all the fights.

Having one player on top all the time...  and sometimes with a pretty big margin, that is overpowered.

So yeah, nerf Moonkins I guess, On 7 of the 8 first Mythic bosses I came in at 1. The only exception was Galakras, but I am not doing stuff there often, waiting on adds. I am also not on the towerteam. Sha als may be skewed because of different phases. But this is ridiculous, how did that happen?

So, yeah...that Starfall-buff is a little over the top at the moment, lets see what it does with 10 more levels. Juggernaut is as close as you can get to a patchwork style fight, one target, so almost no Starfall. Both Sha en Nazgrim but Starfire on top, probably because adds are not up all the time, and you can focus boss much more.

I do think I have the new Balance-stuff under control now, only thing is that I will get instant Starsurges somewhere on my way to lvl100. And that level100 probably will end my overpowdered status.

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I love that joke. :)
If I'm in the right mood, and someone misspells it "rouge", I will defintiely throw it back to them. (Unfortunately most don't get it. xD)