dinsdag 11 november 2014

Countdown to Warlords : The Cloak(s)

This cloak, this legendary cloak. 
The mists pivotal gear.
Your character needed it.
This precious cloak...

At the moment, I have completed the quest-line on 5 characters. I could have gone for a sixth, or maybe even more, but I decided enough is enough. I just got bored with it, and having so many, really didn't feel legendary anymore.

My last cloak.

My cloak-carriers are Mardah, Verulani, Gwaednerth, Lorinthe and Timicin. Yes, I completed the cloak on two different paladins. What I heard, they will be handy till about I enter heroic dungeons at lvl100. So, not a complete waste of time, considering I mostly stopped playing them after the cloak. And then they can start on a questline for a ring...

Is it really a Legendary Item, if everyone has it? That's s remark I read a lot, and I tend to be in that camp. I do like the idea of a long questline for an overpowered piece of gear, but if, in the end, everyone has it..it does not feel legendary, maybe they should just make it another class of gear.

So far, WoW has three different kinds of legendary items. The aforementioned long questline is one. Then we have the static drop, like the warglaives from Illidan. And then we have the gathering-Legendary, where one member of the raid has to gather a lot of stuff, like the staff from cata.

With the latter two, the amount of legendaries is not that high during current content I must add. But Blizzard is steering WoW more and more towards everyone can get everything. And that's a completely different discussion,

Kristenveldt, healing-leader, gets the cloak.
For now, I am actually looking forward to replace the cloak. It may be nice and all, but that graphic display of wings.. that is really starting to annoy me, especially when it sometimes conflicts with things on the ground. I am looking at you Malkorok's Bubble-spawn. Now hoping that the ring does not do lensflares.

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