zondag 9 november 2014

Countdown to Warlords : Blogging

This is a blog, and sometimes it is time to look back at what you have done... so, let's look at the last two years on this Blog. Through wiping, we learn... during Mists of Pandaria

On the 18th of september, I wrote my cataclysm farewell post. The next post I would write would be about Mists of Pandaria, this took a while, my driving-urge was very, very low apparantly. Almost FIVE months later I wrote a post about what I had done sofar in Mists. But my blogging was still very low. After April, another FOUR months went by, without me writing anything.

I think there where a lot of reasons why my writing was down. I wrote some down in my first august post. There were probably more reasons, but after this my postcount went up again. This was mostly fueled by World of Lae. She started an Alt:Apprecation theme which I completed.

In November, my 300th post on this blog coincided with Innovations Garrosh-kill. I wrote something about timetravel, warlords and Orgrimmar after the siege, but starting in december, my postcount went down, sometimes dipping to zero, but there were no longer really big gaps between posts. I also did some Blogazeroth Posts.

On the first of April I wrote 'A word for reforging' which I still stand by. What also happened was that I got a better computer, and I started to make movies again. The rest of the year was writing about killed bosses, and what is to come. This week probably ups my count a lot.

In the end, I am just not one of the people who writes a blog almost every day. I have respect for bloggers that do that, it´s just not me. If something really bothers me, or if something irks me, I'll write, not because I need to write because I have a blog to fill, but because I want to.

And for that matter, this blog was mostly written on Friday. The same day as Overpowered, sometimes I just keep typing..... and I actually used the post-on-that-time option for this one.

My goal for Warlords is to write two pieces a week. I once tried a screenshot-friday-series, maybe that's an idea gain. But to be honest, I had that 2 post-per-week idea before...and it felt through a little bit. Lets see what happens....

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