woensdag 12 november 2014

Countdown to Warlords : Goodbye Pandaria

If you have been here last two days, you may have noticed something new on the right. Yes, ...through wiping, we learn. now has a stream. I will probably be streaming a lot, although maybe not with sound at first. I am still figuring stuff out, and I do have to level up tomorrow, so it may take a while before I can really dive into stream.

The main reason for the stream, is for my guild. With the new raid-sizes, I foresee more people on the bench, then the normal 1 or 2 that we used to have. At least now they can watch the rest fail..with a 20-25 second delay though.

I will probably log on today for a while. But my Mists of Pandaria is already done. Tuesday we took down Mythic Garrosh. within 5 pulls even. That is including the two double-star-wipes we had on phase 1, and a 1% wipe as number 3.

Tonight, at midnight, Warlords start..I will be sleeping then. Tomorrow around 1700 hours I will start. And I do not have many weekends free coming up. I expect some people at 100 before I logon tomorrow, ah well, I hope i am behind the masses, although, I do expect an Argent Que. My bags are clear, more than 100 free spaces, tomorrow, I will build my Garrison. 

Goodbye Pandaria

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