maandag 6 oktober 2008

WotLK.. a whole new maintankadin way on threat.

After some research, and some more, I am finally ready to make this post :p

First lets start with the new ability we get at level 75:
Shield of the Righteousness [ooh, tooltips].
It does holy damage equal to your Block Value

And now lets look at some well-known talents of the Tankadin:
Seal of Righteousness,Seal of wisdom,Avenger's Shield

ShotR clearly states that is uses Block Value for Threat.
The 'Old' Seals will be using both Spellpower (SPH=Spellpower Holy) and Attack Power.

So first up, we still want spellpower.. but we got a nifty new talent called Touched by the Light, which gives us 30% of our stamina as Spellpower. Looking at Gowron with 1337 stamina at the moment, that will translate into 401 spellpower, which is 123 lower then what I now have.. but still, for 3 talent points, 400 spellpower... WOW. All our damage is still holy, so this adds nice to threat. But... do we really want spellpower on our gear now... NO we don't.

Meat your new friend for tanking, it's called Strength :p,
first the hard figures:
2 Strength = 4 Melee Attack Power = 1 Block Value
but, wait, add Divine Strength,Improved Blessings of Kings and we get a new formula:
2 Strength = 5 Attack Power = 1.25 Block Value.
So not only will strength scale better with every damaging tool we have, it also increases the BV to a great length, which we now also use for threat.

Blizzard has changed all the stats on Spelldamage Gear for Tankadins to reflect this, all of them have now Strength, and No Spellpower... but... our spelldamage-weapons will be absolete.. they will ofc not be changed, they still can be used, but we got a Tier11-talent which actually says, get rid of spellpower weapon, and get a def/stam high dps-weapon.... Hammer of the Righteous.
You want a HIGH DPS-WEAPON for this, and most of the spellpower weapons only have a DPS of around 40.... I hope to get me the S2-sword, but any 'Warrior'-tanking weapon will probably do, get a dps of around 100, and you are settled methinks.

So here you have it, Think Strength, Not Spellpower.

Oh, and we will be loosing 20 defense, because Anticipation now gives dodge instead of Defense... another reason to get the S2-sword, to remain uncrittable. And we dont have to worry about crushing blows anymore, only mobs FOUR levels higher then you can crush... and Raid bosses are considered to be 73...err, 83 :p

Next up... Seals and Judgements...

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