maandag 27 oktober 2008

Mr. Stormrage and the Scourge

Last night we had a serious try on Illidan. Because I had enough BoJ's lying around, I made myself a 199-fire-res gear, and together with Harrisgr, we went dancing with the Elementals. I was surprised I could block their attacks :P, and after some tries, we got the kiting under control, with the help of Sajuuk (who hasn't got a fire-res-kit yet).

We wiped twice under 20%, once at 14%. But most of the wipes are in phase 2, most of the time to badluck, like 2 Eye-beams in my kiting-path. Harris did bite the dust 2 times, but my flame was already deayh, so I could pick it up. And on one of the last tries, we lost Sajuuk, and i tanked Illidan in my fire-res gear for at least one phase :p.

Let's see what happens tonight.

...and those freaking zombies are getting annoying, not that much for Gowron, I can cleanse myself, but when I was on my Huntress today...yeesh. Oh well, we are now in stage 5, and I hope the next stage will bring the cure.

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