zondag 26 oktober 2008

Rocking in the Free World

Scourge Invasion, part 3 or 4... new boss in Karazhan.
Prince Menethril or something, just kite him through Moroes Room to the ballroom, every raid member should be behind you, very simple.
He drops 2 BoJ's, a Vanity-pet... and a Guitar :p

/rant on
...oh, and FFS, stop qq-ing about Retridins in PvP. Next patch will NERF THEM TO THE GROUND BABY, and not only the retridins, the tankadins and healadins will also suffer.
FFS, if you cant kill a retridin in PvP, rethink your strategy... KITE THEM, or fear/slow/stun whatever, yeesh, the times i have been killed by casters is numerous, oh, its really fun, DoT/DoT/fear...and again... or being frozen or...
/rant off

The real problem is ofcourse, that unlike other classes, retridins have all the tools for level 80 at their disposal at the moment, most of the last 10 Points are for utility (kings/poj/bom/etc.)
So, yes, they are OP, a nerf should happen... but... holy still needs more dps, which aslo will be nerfed now, and we tankadins are getting nerfed, while we dont even now all our new spells/abilities yet.

Oh well, apparantly History repeats itself....

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