zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

Picture This

And now, some pictures from last week:

First up, THE reason I emptied my DKP:

And yesterday I joined my guild into Black Temple once more, XII had cleared it to 7/9 the previous week, so up to the council, which we 3-shotted. I was assigned to tank the rogue...BORING, pick up with shield, tank 10 seconds, wait 30, and repeat :p, but here's the 1%-kill shot:

After that, we ofcourse went to Illidan... although we didn't had Fire-res tanks.. but it was nice to tank him :p.

And ofcourse a nice pic, just the 2 of us :p

After that, we did MH 4/5 in less then 2 hours... so, 3 days, and most of the raid-instances are clear up untill end-bosses :p

And, not to forget:
The ashes of a'lar dropped from Kael, we rolled on it (it's not gear, so the officers decided to do a roll 1-25, and give it to that raid slot), and my old friend Littlen got it:

And now... our fire-res-gear is being assembled... we where not prepared...but we will be next time....

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