dinsdag 30 september 2008


Lets start with a fast breakdown of the paladin-class we have known in TBC, and what probably will happen to them in WotLK. Essentailly we have several compeletely different paladins, the Healadin, the Tankadin and the Retridin.
Now: The best single-target healers of the game, and the worst multi-target healers. Also have problems healing when they need to move, no HoT's (heal-over-time). Most Holy Paladins are specced 41/20/0, the 20 points in protection are needed to get to Imp. Concentration Aura, and by doing that, Healadins tend to have BoK (Blessing of Kings).
Soon: The best single-target healers of the game, not very good at multi-target healing, and still no HoT's. The WotLK Holy Paladin will NOT have BoK anymore, instead they will spec into Retribution to get 8% more crit from conviction and sanctified seals.
Also: It may be wise to look at the old Shockadin-build again, when dipping into retribution, it may become viable again. Shockadins normally go for Holy Shock and then go to retribution, to be reasonable effective healers, and also reasonable damage-dealers with Holy Shock.

Now: The best AoE-tank you can get (Area of Effect), almost no CC (crowd control) needed in instances. T4 and lower they have a hard time to get uncrushable, gimping stamina and other survavibility for it, but T5 and on they are equal to any other tanking-class. Most of the tankadins are specced 0/49/12, where 41 points in protection are needed to get the Avengers Shield, the tool to frontload a lot of aggro.
Soon: The best AoE-tank you can get (Area of Effect), almost no CC (crowd control) needed in instances. It seems that WotLK is not yet sure about the new tankadins, they are the class/spec who needs to relearn evrything, no more spelldamage, but strength and blockvalue is needed now. First reports seem to point out that the tankadin-survavibility is 'again' the lowest of all tanking-classes. The new placement of BoK, makes it not a needed talent for tankadins at the moment.
Also: The Sanctity-spec seems to be dead with WotLK, but further research is needed.

Now: Well..now... today they do reasonable damage, after 2.4 they no longer need spelldamage, but rely only on strength and crit. At the moment they are raid-worthy, which wasn't true for the 1.5 years before, where the spec was purely PvP.
Soon: OMFGIHAVEBEENCRITTEDTODEATHBYTHEFREAKINGRETRIDIN :p, but it seems they are balanced at 80. And they seem to be the only spec who actually have points left after all the neccessary talents, so they probably be picking up BoK. So, they will remain raid-worthy... or even needed for judgement of the wise, they also get a longer CC with a 1 minute Repetenance.

And in Wow:
We are now in phase 4 of Kael'Thas, but WotLK is coming. I will be moving soon, and I still need to prepare for Wrath. Gowron should be a level 350 Blacksmith at least, but preferably 370 or something like that. My Hunter should be level 68, so she can go to Northrend. I think I will shelf Ezrila and Lurge for a while. Lurge just spend his points on the S2-staff. Gowron is hunting for the S2-sword, the resilience will help towards uncrit. Ezrila, well, I dont know what to get for the points...
I also have something else running....

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