dinsdag 23 september 2008

E-peen, and preparing for WotlK


Saturday Night-Raid...oh-oh
Target: Void Reaver/Solarion
Starting Tank: Me (ofc)
Other Tanks: Cardassian (feral),Ork (warrior), Bloodqueeni (holy respecced to prot).
Gear-changes: T4-helmet instead of Zul'Amans, 2.4 BoJ-reward instead of 2.3
Self-buffs: BoSanc,Spelldamage-food, Spelldamage-Flask
Speldamage:688 (or 668...whatever)
Spec:0/40/21 (the Wordli-Sanctity-Threat-spec)
Times I lost Aggro: ZERO
Conclusion: Void Reaver is a One-Maintankadin-Fight.

Preparing for Wrath of the Lich King:
When I started Gowron as my first Horde-character, I made him enchanter/tailor *gasp* , YES, he was a tailor, and trust me, those big bags I could make, made levelling a lot easier. When Lurge (herb/alch) reached 70, I changed the herbalism and tailoring between them. So Gowron has been a flowerpicker for a while now, which ofcourse doesn't help for raiding.
So, now WotlK lies ahead, and Gowron needs a new profession...so I thought about the professions which could help him...after some thought 3 remained.
1. Mining, because of the Stamina-boost
2. Blacksmithing, extra gem slots on weapons/gear...mmmm
3. Engineering, Helmet, and a gathering-tool
So what to choose..
Well, my Hunter just reached 70, and she is herbalism/mining, so I already have a mining-character... 2 remain.
In the end I choose for the one that would probably boost my raiding the most. Engineering only gives one big boost for that (the Helmet), BS several more, due to gem-slots and other gear...so...yesterday...I spend cloose to 600g, emptied all my stacks of ore/bars, and Gowron is now a Blacksmith.
And I am poor, on all my characters, luckily some weeks remain, to do dailies, and to level up to 350-375. And maybe the RBoB will drop for me :p

I will be prepared.

Of course, I had to send all non-BoP stuff to an alt... so, with absolutely no buff-food/flasks/oil I was called in to tank the shammy at karatresh.... one-shotted.

Next Blog: WotlK and Tankadins.... a whole new live, or WTF Strength???

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