dinsdag 6 januari 2015

The raiding has started.

Sunday night, Innovation went into Highmaul the first time, the Heroic version that is. Without much problem we got Kargath down. The raidleaders opted to skip Butcher, and we went to Brackenspore, which was a little more difficult.

More difficult, as in people that had to be steered in one direction. Of the 27 characters present, I think half of them was new, not only the players, but also what they are playing. Some longstanding members also decided to stop raiding durng the christmas break, but with about 8 pulls, and two bosses down, nothing to worry about.

The Birds stealing the show after Brackenspore
Before the raid, I made sure I was ready. 60 potions, 40 greater flask, three WoD-crafted pieces ( two of which where 670, one 655), and everything reasonable gemmed/enchanted. After all the making and upgrading, my Argent Dawn reagent-list looks like this:

19 Savage Bloods (used for upgrading gear)
856 Burnished Leathers
1207 Raw Beast Hide (used in LW CD's)
84 Temporal Crystals (used by enchants in general)
1260 Draenic Dusts (used by enchanting CD's)
802 Primal Spirits (a potential 15 more Savage Bloods)
36 Sorcerous Air (used in Greater Mastery Taladite, Weapon Enchant,Ring enchant))
162 Sorcerous Earth (used by Neck enchant)
151 Sorcerous Water (used by Cloak enchant)
93 Sorcerous Fire (used for Greater Intellect Flask)
3999 Blackrock Ore (used for Alchemy,BS,JC,Engineering CD's)
4681 True Iron Ore (used for BS,JC,Engineering CD's/Mastery Taladite)
50 Hexweave Cloth
426 Gorgrond Flytraps (used by LW and Tailoring CD's)
553 Frostweed (used by Alchemy CD's)
184 Talador Orchid (used for Intellect Potion/Flask)
301 Starflowers (used for Intellect Flask/Mastery Taladite)
180 Fireweed
141 Nagrand Arrowblooms
529 Alchemical Catalysts (used for Greater Intellect Flask)
81 Taladite Crystals (used in Greater Mastery Taladite)
371 Truesteel Ingots
67 Gearspring Parts
59 War Paints

What really jumps out is the amount of raw materials I have, normally for gathering professions. 8500+ ores, about a 1000 herbs, even after all the stuff I made. I still have a lot of Burnished leather, but getting those did require a bit more effort (Hello Clefthoof trapping). I have no idea what to do with the massive amount of ores at the moment, just stop mining is the only thing I can think of.

Some of the reagents are lower, but I did make a 670-Tailoring Cloak, 670-Necklace and a 655-trinket. Also a Blingtron was constructed, several engineering.blacksmithing pets, a LW-mount, and of course the before mentioned alchemy stuff.

I am wondering why I still have skinning on Mardah though, I should probably change it, but it feels wrong, and I am not sure Blizzard will come up with something useful for it. For that matter, Herbing and Mining as a profession are equally screwed....  why have it, if all the stuff you need can be done by your garrison-buildings....the three seem rather useless now.

Oh, yeah, I know I can make another 670-piece of gear, but I am waiting with that a little bit, just to see what will drop from bonus rolls. I expect one of my rolls will get me a cloak or necklace, so I can than replace the self-made one, with a leather working-thingie... raid starts at 1900, let us roll the dice again.

Mardah's real controller is spotted

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