vrijdag 23 januari 2015

For the Horde

Some recap-thoughts about last two weeks.

- I raided normal Highmaul on the Horde

- I went in with the minimum Ilevel required (630)

- I didn't expect high numbers

- Retribution Paladins are OP it seems

- Innovation clears the first 6 bosses in one evening on HC

- I still have a 655-mission weapon

- I have a mythic Shards of Nothing from a mission

- A week after I spend 150 dkp on the heroic one...

- Lurche is the only one without a garrison sofar

- That will probably be fixed this weekend

- I retired my Mac

- Except the air station

- So I can't throw it away

- I got a new videocard

- the old one was old

- I also got a new monitor

- I now have 5 inches more

- Streaming raids on twitch will be restarted soon

- I read the news on bloods

- I am eating more frostweed than ever for all the catalysts

- I am no longer doing 'minor' alts' garrisons on raid-days

- I only have so much time

- I should maybe tear down the barn for an inn

- I should maybe do mines and depths

- all for followers

- I have Thisalee

- Imperator is irritating

- Friday is for the Horde

- It is Friday

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