maandag 26 januari 2015

Ahead of the Curve

Gathering up last night, I jokely said everyone only had 5 deaths that evening....  and on our 5th pull of the evening, the 26th in total, he went down, with me already floor-hugging....

Heroic Innovation

And with that kill, tomorrow will be a very strange raid for Innovation. Since I joined at the start of Cataclysm, Innovation didn't really had a bench. I cannot remember any raid where more then two raiders had to be left behind, even one being left out was rare.

I am not talking about the time Innovation went 10-manning Firelands, that was a dark time. The bench was huge there, at least 8 people. I was lucky back than. I was ranged, and during that dark winter, Innovation only had three ranged left. And than our guildleader decided, 25 or bust.

Not that our raids actually had 25 people all the time. But we always went in when 21 people where there. And we had our fun back, and tomorrow, Innovation has a Mythic Raid planned... only 20 allowed.

Our last raids where full, or almost full, so 28+ raiders. Which means tomorrow people have to be benched, something that Innovation has not much experience on. I am not envious of the officer-corp. They have to decide who to sit out, and why. The statement made was rotational. So everyone will have their 2 raids a week I guess.

And that 2 weeks before the next phase of this Tier, Blackrock. I actually do not think we will be going into Highmaul much after we can enter Blackrock. So it is only a short benching experience. But Innovation will reach Mythic again. Of that I have no doubt.

Was Mar'gok really the end-boss???

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