maandag 2 februari 2015


WoWInsider will stop publishing stories this week.

They started in November 2005, so they where around for almost 10 years. This seems a long time for a internet-magazine. That was how I looked at it. They had a lot of stories, maybe one new one every 4 hours? And I read a lot of them back when I started playing in 2007. I also read Maintankadin and uses Thottbot.

Both of these sides are still around, although Thottbot is a satelite of Wowhead, and Maintankadin is still a good site for tankadins, but neither of them have stories. Another site I read a lot is MMO-Champion, but again, no stories.

All the 'big' sites I read, are not magazine-sites. They are fact-sites, or forums, but most of the times there are no stories. For those, I have a blogroll. And I had WoW Insider.

I wonder if another site will fill in the void, WoW Insider will leave behind,
the magazine for World of Warcraft has ended, and I already miss it.

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