maandag 23 september 2013

Alt Appreciation : Monks

Continuing the Alt Appreciation started by World of Lae.  This week:  Monks...

Oh-o..Monks, so, yeah, now I have a little problem. Looking through all my alts, I encountered 2 Monks. One lvl-12 Horde Panda, and one Tauren. The Panda was made to see the panda-start-zone. The Tauren because I wanted to see a Tauren roll.

Some months ago, I actually had a Dwarf Monk on Argent Dawn. That one made it to level 50-something, but I grew tired of the hit-to-heal mechanic, so he was deleted. But now, how to make a post about monks, when you don't have a monk.

So, here is the story of Doiral. Her first ten levels. Yes, Doiral, I actually wanted to name her Dorial, but I misspelled...  but Do-iral doesn't sound that bad. I made her a Draenai, mostly because it has been a while I was in that starting zone...  and the idea is that I eventually take her through the Alliance level 20-30 zones to see what happens there (in kalimdor). So...  logging in...  some story about the 'current' state of events, and tadaa..there she is.

Oh, yeah...Add-on-clutter all over the screen... so some clicks later, Doiral is ready to take her first quests.

Her second quest is killing some Vale Moths, here she is, hitting the moth for 15, wow. And after setting the loot on auto-loot...  (why isn't that standard), she is murdering the local wildlife.

Oh, look, new NPC here, a Panda:

And here comes the moment my memory is catching up, the Blood Elves are not hostile....  so the named mob can be pulled alone...

It is not, until I reach the second quest-hub, that Doiral encounters her first Hostile Mob...which is turned into some leather scraps quickly.

Ahem..../blush... that's what you get when you don't look around... I stumbled upon a pack of nightstalkers...  and they outnumbered me 3 to 1..

And tadaa, here she is, level 10, ready for more killing...and she didn't even do the furlborg-quests...

I did find questing with the monk fairly pleasant. I have no idea if a mist weaver actually gets healing spells later on, haven't seen them yet. Now, I am hoping Argent Dawn will be teamed up with another realm (which remains to be seen). Because then I can make more alts...

Next week...  My paladins will storm you all, remember the former subtitle of this blog:

Tankadin at Heart

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Laeleiweyn zei

I hope you play her more, and I'm happy you went with draenei. :) I love the monk animations on them!